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Indiana Love

Indiana Love

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In Indiana's heart, a love divine does dwell,
Between Sigma Gamma Rho and Kappa Alpha Psi, they tell.
In bonds of sisterhood and brotherhood, they bind,
A union of souls, in harmony aligned.

Sigma's daughters, with grace and poise they shine,
Their virtues like stars in the night's design.
With strength and wisdom, their path they pave,
In service and sisterhood, their spirits brave.

Beside them, the men of Kappa Alpha Psi,
With pride and honor, reaching for the sky.
Their bond, a fortress, unyielding and strong,
In unity and love, they forever belong.

In Indiana's embrace, their love does grow,
A testament to the bonds that they sow.
May Sigma and Kappa's love forever thrive,
In Indiana's heart, where true love does survive.
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